The Situation

A large non-UK based retail gardening product manufacturer wanted to increase market share and thus explore the potential to expand into complimentary adjacent categories. Where opportunities were identified, they were keen to develop a range of new products ready for launch in 2017.


The Task

The manufacturer wanted to expand the sales of their existing products to new retailers by introducing a range of exciting and innovative products into an adjacent category. Sharper Thinking were given just 6 months to investigate the market, provide quantitative and qualitative evidence to determine the opportunity and develop product ready for launch at GLEE 2016.


The Activity

Sharper Thinking carried out an extensive study into adjacent categories and looked at the potential for the client to move into these.  Through market range and cost analysis the team came up with a proposal to develop 29 new fertiliser-based products that could be launched for the 2017 season.

Sharper Thinking then managed the project, found a third party manufacturer to develop the products, helped to design and create packaging, supported the client with the financials and drove the project with alacrity to ensure it was ready for launch at GLEE.


The Result

29 new innovative products were launched at GLEE 2016 by the client which will grow their business by in excess of £1M turnover for 2017 season. These innovative products use technology from a variety of fields, introduced for the first time into this type of retail product. The team also followed up by ensuring the sales team were fully trained and briefed on the new products, helped the client with pricing and contract negotiations, and ensured all regulatory requirements were met. Finally, Sharper Thinking made sure that the appropriate supply chain processes were put in place to ensure product could be delivered quickly and effectively to customers.