The Situation

A company, who are a brand leader in their own market but do not currently supply in the UK, wanted an in-depth evaluation on a number of product sectors and their own product range to recommend a possible route to market and a sound financial model.


The Activity

Sharper Thinking took on the project to establish whether launching the new product range in the UK would be a financially secure venture.  A competitor analysis was done and a Cash Margin Financial Model was created.  From this, Sharper Thinking were able to make recommendations regarding their products, such as range and pack size, to maximize profit.  Sharper Thinking are also not afraid to give unpopular advice. In this case recommending that certain product ranges would not be viable to sell in the UK due to an already saturated market and an inability for the client to be competitive. Sharper Thinking made route-to-market recommendations and introduced the client to potential buyers of their products.  They also recommended a logistics solution in the UK.  The company is now in negotiation with several major retailers.


The Result

In a very short time the client was able to assess financial viability of the project thus saving them precious resource and money within their business. Using Sharper Thinking meant they could assess new opportunities without impacting on their ‘day jobs’. It has also meant that the client could then pick up the project themselves after being introduced to key purchasing contacts and logistics solutions by Sharper Thinking.