The Situation

Sharper Thinking Associates were approached by a European growing media company to investigate the professional growing media market, and to suggest opportunities to exploit the UK market.


The Task

One of the largest global growing media manufacturer currently exports growing media to over 70 countries worldwide, but this does not include the UK. The company was keen to understand the opportunity for a new growing media company to launch into the UK market with a range of high quality professional growing media products and services.


The Activity

Sharper Thinking undertook an in-depth study of the professional growing media market, investigated the competition and the opportunity for a new player to enter into this market. Using a range of information and data, including publically available information as well as information gained through the team’s combined experience and knowledge of working in this industry for over 50 years, an in-depth review was written, followed up with a strategy meeting at the clients’ European HQ.


The result

With the in-depth report and subsequent strategy and route-to-market review, the opportunities to enter the UK market were clear. The company is currently deciding on their next move.