The Situation

A UK-based company had developed technology that could create a new cost-effective and technically advanced raw material that can be used in the growing media industry. They wanted Sharper Thinking to support this project by finding potential customers for the product across the UK and Ireland.


The Activity

Sharper Thinking carried out an in-depth study of the growing media market, and specifically looked at the supply of raw materials. Using a range of information including commercial, technical and supply chain, Sharper Thinking has then approached a number of growing media manufacturers to offer them the opportunity to use the raw material in their products. Working as a link between the raw material manufacturer and the customers, Sharper Thinking has smoothed the way to ensure orders have started to flood in.


The Result.

Supporting the manufacturer closely, Sharper Thinking has navigated through regulatory, technical and operational challenges to secure sales of the product within four months that has exhausted the current manufacturing capacity.